Who is Thor?

Thor is high intelligent that makes training quite easy; Thor is the perfect dog for beginners. He is very active and likes long walks, hikes and playing fetch.

Training in our backyard

He also knows when it is time to relax but he is a good watch dog and if you believe he is sleeping he will hear all important (and not important) noises.

As almost all collies Thor is very communicative, but he is no barker.

Thor loves children and plays with them remarkably cautious. He grew up with my grandchild (now 3 years old) and so he knows how to behave.

Thor does not like water, not even a little. He drinks water, that’s all. That is quite practical because on rainy days he stays clean. But with increasing confidence Thor enjoyed the cool water on hot days.

Holiday at Wörthersee in Klagenfurt (Carinthia). It is not Thors favourite way of vacationing.

Thor loves other animals. He grew up with 4 cats and neighbor’s chicken; he lives near fields, meadows and forests and knows wildlife as well. He is not a hunter and always comes back immediatly when called. Thor always meets other dogs in a friendly manner and invites them to play.

Thor attends the dog school and is attentive and willing to learn.

Because we like to travel and visit restaurants and coffee shops he had to learn how to behave; and Thor is now – 2 years old – the perfect restaurant-dog.

live music dinner at LeBurger in Graz