About Thor

Thor is a blue merle boy born on March 29, 2021 in Czech Republic. His kennel name is Oreb Bila Kaifa.

Please find Thor’s pedigree on Smooth Collie Database.

(special thanks to the smooth collie database for caring and sharing information about Smooth Collies around the world!)

Body Conditions and Genetic Health

You can find judges reports and health test results here


Thor is typical Smooth Collie. He is very intelligent, which makes training and learning quite easy. He is active and likes to hike, long walks and play fetch (not as good as a Retriever but for a Collie he does a very good job). But he also knows when it is time for a lazy day. Like most Collies (Smooth Collies as well as Rough Collies and also Border Collies) he is very communicative. So he informs us when the cats do not want to play with him or when the weather is not inviting for a long walk or outdoor activities. That does not mean, Thor is barking all the time! Not at all! He has a wide repertoire of sounds – and of course, often we are laughing when he “dramatically dies” because one of our kittens stole his favourite toy.

Thor loves to play with our youngest family member, about 3 years old. He brings her back the thrown toys every time – much more reliable than when thrown by the adults. He knows to entertain the children and is always careful not to hurt them.

Thor does not like water, so he avoids every puddle. That helps to keep his coat clean. But as we like to swim and relax on beaches we have to accept his displeasure.

Thor loves to play with other pets and because our four cats do not respond, he loves to play with other dogs. Doing this he makes no difference between small dogs, big dogs, males or females, young dogs or older ones. So sometimes it is necessary to keep him calm if other – not so friendly or older – dogs are not interested in playing with him. A circumstance Thor hardly understands. It is incomprehensible that not every animal wants to share playful moments with him.

Thor does not hunt… yes, he is very interested in fleeing rabbits, but always comes back immediately when calling. He visits the dog school and works concentrated and attentively. He is relaxed in coffee shops and restaurants so he is allowed to accompany us nearly everywhere.

Where Thor lives

Thor lives in a rural area with lots of woods and meadows. He is a part of our family, therefore he lives in the house, sleeping on the couch (although he has his own place) and he has a big yard with pond. He accepts the areas in the house where he is not allowed to assure retreats for the cats as well as humans.

Available for stud

We are able to visit healthy brood bitches. If you are interested in Thor as stud dog, please let us know on time, so we can plan our trip carefully.

There is also enough space in our house to accommodate your bitch, but there are also other accommodations quite close. There are a lot of forest paths, so the dogs can meet in neutral environment. Our region invites to stay for a view days, just to enjoy typical Uhudler or visit Burg Güssing, Burgspiele Güssing or do some bicycle-tours https://www.suedburgenland.info/ .

If you are interested in Thor as stud dog do not hasitate to contact us!